First-Party Tracks


The VS Code Track requires Lightrail's VS Code Extension (opens in a new tab) to be installed, to facilitate communication between Lightrail and VS Code. If you haven't already installed it, follow these directions:

  • In VS Code, press ⌘/ctrl-p to open the VSCode Quick Open UI
  • Paste in the following command and hit Enter/Return: ext install lightrail.lightrail-vscode

There is 1 default Action and 3 supported Tokens for VSCode.


  1. Propose Changes: Describe the changes you would like to make in your VSCode project.


  1. /vscode.selection: Highlighted code
  2. /vscode.current-file: The most recent tab / file open
  3. /vscode.selected-files: You can select multiple files using Ctrl/Cmd with click.

/vscode.selected-files does not support selecting directories. To select a directory & all of its contents, use the token /files.path.


To edit your VSCode project:

  1. Select the Propose Changes Action in Lightrail
  2. Add the relevant files that you would like to edit via Tokens and describe the changes you'd like to make
  3. Review the diff of the suggested changes in VSCode - you can accept or reject the changes file by file