First-Party Tracks


Lightrail can also connect to a PostgresDB and run lightweight SQL queries. NoSQL databases are not supported at this time.


  1. Query DB: Write and optionally run a SQL query against a database. Needs to be used in conjunction with the SQL Tokens (/sql.table or /sql.db) & reference a database connection URL.


  1. /sql.table: reference a specific table in the PostgresDB - requires a database connection URL.
  2. /sql.db: reference a PostgresDB - requires a database connection URL.


Run a lightweight SQL query against your Supabase instance in Lightrail:

  1. Select the Query DB Action
  2. Reference the database that you would like run the query against with /sql.db DB Query
  3. Find the DB URL in Supabase & paste that into Lightrail Supabase Connection URL
  4. Describe in natural language the query you would like to run SQL Query
  5. Run the SQL query SQL Query