First-Party Tracks
Google Chrome


The Chrome Track requires Lightrail's Chrome Extension to be installed, to facilitate communication between Lightrail and Google Chrome. If you haven't already installed it, follow these directions:

You can input content from Google Chrome to Lightrail using the following Tokens:

  • /chrome.current-selection: Any highlighted text
  • /chrome.current-page: The most recent tab open

Content ingested via the Google Chrome Tokens is subject to OpenAI's context length limit. If a webpage is too long to use /chrome.current-page, you can either select the relevant content using /chrome.current-selection or add the entire page to your local Lightrail knowledge base (instructions here).


  1. Send to AI: Read in the contents of Google Chrome's current tab & ask Lightrail's LLM to summarize the current article Summarize a Webpage
  2. Suggest Edits: Use the contents of a webpage to make edits in your VSCode project Use Docs to make Edits
  3. Add to Knowledge Base: If the contents of a webpage is too long for OpenAI's token limit, read in the page to your Lightrail Knowledge base for usage in future queries. Add page to Knowledge Base